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History of Citizens State Bank

From a beginning in 1903, banking in the Somerville area has continued with a progressive outlook. Starting as Wilson and Holman Company, Bankers, located in a small frame building in Somerville, the bank then built a two-story brick structure on the corner of Avenue B (Highway 36) and Seventh Street. It was a banking house until 1967, when the present building for Citizens State Bank was completed. From 1905 to approximately 1915, the bank was known as the Bank of Somerville, and later First State Guaranty Bank. On June 8, 1925, Citizens State Bank purchased all of the assets of First State Guaranty Bank and received its charter. Because of its constant growth, Citizens State Bank completed expansions in 1979, 1995, and 2012.

Beginning in April 1989 with the purchase of First State Bank of Deanville, Citizens State Bank has established six branch locations in surrounding communities. Citizens State Bank acquired Peoples National Bank of Caldwell in June 1990 and Burleson County Savings Association in February 1992. The Brenham location was opened in January of 1999; the Snook location was opened in February of 2003; and the Navasota location was opened in July 2007. The most recent branch opening occurred in December 2021 with the merger of Burton State Bank into CSB. With seven locations to provide a wide variety of services for its customers, Citizens State Bank continues to strive for quality customer service.

Capable leadership in the bank has made all of this progress possible. W. T. Wilson, a Belton merchant, relocated to Somerville in 1903 with his family and established the Wilson and Holman Company, Bankers with his son-in-law, Louis Holman. Mr. Holman later contracted tuberculosis and left Somerville after selling the bank to J. A. Jones and Associates. Mr. Jones operated the Bank of Somerville for ten years before the bank was purchased by W. C. Page and Associates. Mr. Page, a native of Lake Providence, Louisiana, headed the bank until 1925, when it was sold to J. F. Lyons and Associates and became Citizens State Bank.

Mr. Lyons was a good businessman, but by his own admission, he was not a banker. His son-in-law, Horace Chester Hardin, served as cashier and operated the bank for 20 years before his retirement due to poor health. Dr. G. V. Pazdral became president for several years and was followed by Ervin B. Flencher, Sr., in 1956. Mr. Flencher, a long-time employee of the bank, served as President/CEO until 1981 and Chairman of the Board until his death on March 9, 1996. Ervin B. (Ben) Flencher, Jr. assumed his father’s positions and led Citizens State Bank through its expansion into six locations. In February 2020, Aaron Flencher assumed the position of President/CEO and continues his family’s vision on growth and customer service.

The banking atmosphere created at Citizens State Bank is one of close relationships with the customers, a quick perception of needs, prompt responses, and a sincere desire to encourage the growth and prosperity of Somerville, Deanville, Caldwell, Brenham, Snook, Navasota, Burton, and the trade territory.


Statement of Condition

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Ervin B. (Ben) Flencher, Jr., Chairman   Michael H. Gentry
Michael A. Rhodes, Vice Chairman   John R. Giesenschlag
Aaron K. Flencher, President & CEO   Lois W. Kolkhorst
Paul J. Batista   Harry R. Neinast, Jr.
Dennis Engelmann   Timothy N. Tietjen
Cory R. Flencher